Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Nothing's Sacred And Other Wednesday Headlines

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Twitter Is So Very Sorry They Can't Possibly Do Anything To Stop Trump From Posting Hoaxes And Conspiracy Theories [Market Watch]

Shaun King Is The Michael Avenatti Of Donald Trumps [The Daily Beast]

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

What's On Tonight (Wednesday): Anna Kendrick seeks Love to the Max

Love Life
Hi! Tonight AT&T's WarnerMedia enters the streaming wars with the well-dressed and well-mannered HBO Max, which is HBO plus... a bunch of other stuff from Warner properties and partners. (I don't really get the name choice and long-term branding strategy.) Anyway, the single adult live-action original series in its ocean of library content is the anthology Love Life where Anna Kendrick spends a season searching for true love. Reviews have been mixed, but I like Anna. Are all 10 episodes dropping today? I don't know. If Ms Kendrick isn't your thing, there are also new Looney Tunes, kids making crafts, ballroom competitions, British comedies, and Elmo. Or, ya know, HBO stuff. Or WB stuff. Friends. Big Bang. And literally hundreds of movies -- finally, Citizen Kane, Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach, and Mamma Mia!: Here We Go Again are in one place! (Sadly, the Warner Archive isn't really mined.) I'm going all-in on HBO Max because its future premieres are going to be on Thursdays.

Elsewhere, Netflix thinks we need a Jeffrey Epstein docuseries, the ERA is defeated, General Ulysses S. Grant is elected president, Nandor's familiar from the 1970s returns, Phil Coulson and company are back for a final season, Amy Sedaris hosts a Valentine's Day mixer, and Don Cornelius tries to manage his hit show Soul Train. Suffering succotash, here's what's on television for tonight, Wednesday, May 27!

Politics Corner, May 26th

Jeopardy! recap for Tue., May 26 - Teachers Tournament day two

Here are today's contestants for day two of the Teachers Tournament:

- Meggie, middle school humanities from New York, doesn't love one mystery student;
- Katie, high school science from Massachusetts, is a teacher because she didn't want Friday classes in college; and
- Sam, high school English from Tennessee, lets his hair down to end the school year.

Happy Day After Memorial Day

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Taking a long weekend, consider this your open thread.

Monday, May 25, 2020

What's On Tonight (Tuesday): "Legends of Tomorrow" Does A Lot of TV Parodies

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Yes I'm doing Legends of Tomorrow for a 2nd week in a row, what else am i gonna pick--That Ulysses S Grant Miniseries Again??? (Well you could do The Last O.G. which continues to have new episodes there Matthew) (There's always next week I guess) This is What's On for May 26th 2020

Politics Corner, May 25th

In a normal year it's really nice out the week before Memorial Day and then the temperature plunges on Friday (when my pool would have normally opened) and the sun disappears for a week. This year of course it is eighty degrees and sunny. Perfect pool weather. My pool remains tantalizingly full (of water) and empty (of people). We might be in lockdown but elsewhere the party rages. I'm getting tired of saying this but people will die. [WOT] [CNN]

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Thoughts on A View to a Kill

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"I see you're a woman of very few words."
"What's there to say?"

Jeopardy! recap for Mon., May 25 - Teachers Tournament day one

Here are today's contestants as we begin the Teacher's Tournament, recorded in February of 2020:

- Ivory, high school social studies from Mississippi, falls down in class;
- Peter, 7th grade English from New York, was inspired to teach by his father; and
- Amanda, 7th grade science from Florida,  met Dr. Jane Goodall, "stand-up ape comic".

Sportsball, May 25th

Another week and all that's happened in sports in the US is that people have died and Ryan Braun  put his condo that's 2 and a half blocks west of me up for sale. Yeah I don't really care about that either although I'm amused that he's had a nice view of my place for a couple of years. I hope he enjoyed that more than I did.

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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Politics Corner, May 24th

My pool is full of warm salt water. It sits there. Taunting me. If it were allowed I would not go in it.


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Political discussion welcome.

What's On Tonight (Monday): "Grant" Is History Channel's New Miniseries About Ulysses S. Grant

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You know TV is cooking when I'm recommending a miniseries about the life and times of Ulysses S Grant. If they're calling this "Grant" then what are they gonna call their miniseries about Cary Grant? Oh the problems they havn't even thought of when they titled this one! Anyways Happy Memorial Day!!!!!!!! Eat Some Hot Dogs!!!!! This is What's On for May 25th 2020

Box Office Flashback April 24/May 1, 2020

Late April has usually been a dumping ground, as its rare that the studio would want to throw out a movie they expected to do well only a week or two before the arrival of the first summer blockbusters.  Before the beginning of the summer movie season moved definitively to the first Friday in May (and occasionally to the last Friday of April), early May was also a dumping ground.  But gird your loins.  The summer movie season is about to begin (and in some cases, is beginning).

Sorry for the week delay.  We're continuing to move on to finally catching up!

Totally Tunes: Your Favorite Song

A very simple entry this week. What's your favorite song and why?

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CBSSM: Patrick Stewart's Code Of Honor And Other Sunday Headlines

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Did Gaffigan make the cut this week? Click to find out!