Sunday, September 27, 2020

Politics Corner, September 27th


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It's Sunday. I've got better things to do. Like sleep.


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Political discussion welcome.

What's On Tonight (Monday): The Wonderful World Of Ballroom Dancing

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There's a lot of options, though not a lot of quality options, for Monday, September 28th.

Box Office Flashback September 18, 2020

I stand my contention that September is a more sophisticated January on the movie calendar.  That said, late September usually has higher quality releases than early September, and this week we see the anniversaries of the release of several iconic films--both good and bad.

Sorry this is a week late.  I plan to have this week's out next weekend, and next week's out a couple of days after that, and then hopefully, we'll be back onto our normal schedule.

Totally Tunes: Three Decades of Unplugged Artists

Last year, MTV Unplugged turned 30, having premiered their very first set (featuring Squeeze, Syd Straw, and Elliot Easton) in November 26, 1989. Ever since, the network's staple has lend a yearly opportunity to a wide variety of artists to perform their most famous tracks (and whatever else they want) in an acoustic setting. In 2020, the Unplugged as we know it was paused and a digital edition launched, featuring popular musicians like Marcus Mumford and Hayley Kiyoko doing their thing at home (it doesn't feel like an Unplugged per se, but well...). Unplugged shows range from forgettable to very iconic, but most people know at least one track that came out of one of these.

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I have mentioned A LOT of times before how much I enjoy Placebo's Unplugged, recorded in 2015, which features reworkings of some of their most famous tracks, versions of covers they'd done before, and first performances of never-played-before songs. They even brought in odd instruments, and I was this close to reusing the "the qanun is out of tune" gif I created for Whatcha Listening To back in the Disqus Channel days for this article.

CBSSM: Mariah's Memoirs

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Bonus: Belushi. I found him kind of interesting after all.

Saturday, September 26, 2020

What's on Tonight (Sunday): Family Guy is... still a thing

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Good day! Ok, I don't like Family Guy, but it has been [*puts on glasses*] [*checks notes*] six years since it was a Top Pick. I might as well use the Seth MacFarlane series once. Maybe something funny will happen tonight in the season 19 premiere. Eh, probably not. The episode is the debut of Arif Zahir as Cleveland Brown, replacing Mike Henry. And this is the end of OG premiere week, so it seemed appropriates to highlight a one of the few broadcast shows.

Elsewhere, the Simpsons, Harts, and Belchers are back, and James Comey and the Tiger King are the subjects of two separate programs that begin tonight and conclude tomorrow. I smell crossover! After a long time away, Fargo is back and hopefully better than season three, 60 Minutes investigates felons voting in Florida, CNN airs a doc on John Lewis, and Van der Valk wraps.

You betcha, here's what's on television for tonight, Sunday, September 27!

Politics Corner, September 26th


"Lady Freedom" by skpy is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 

We're about to get the worst Supreme Court Justice since Scalia and I'm supposed to be happy about it because she has a vagina.



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Political discussion welcome.

This Weekend in Pop Culture: September 25-27

Welcome to the Weekend in Pop Culture! Let's examine what's coming out in theaters this weekend...

Hey, we actually have movie releases! (for now)

An assassin fights for survival after a job goes wrong. 

Also, what was supposed to come out this weekend was "Last Night in Soho," Edgar Wright's follow-up to "Baby Driver;" "The Many Saints of Newark," a prequel to "The Sopranos;" "Praise This," a subliminal command to audiences and movie critics; and "Greenland," because everybody in 2020 wants to watch a disaster movie. "Greenland" is now slated for late 2020, whatever that means, "Newark" is now slated for March, "Soho" is now slated for April, and "Praise This" is TBA.

What have you been watching?

The Broadcast Log: NBC Saturday Night at the Movies, 1969–70

NBC Saturday Night at the Movies

1969–70: The fall of 1969 was included a TV milestone: 1,000 broadcasts of post-1948 movies. The achievement took the Big Three a mere 8 years. Despite mixed results overall, NBC stuck with its three nights of movies of Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday. To keep the number of new titles low, Monday included semi-regular Bob Hope specials and Tuesday had First Tuesdays once a month while Saturday repeated previous seasons' movies. A few years ago, that could've been an expensive solution, but now the price of Hollywood movies was dropping. In three years, the cost had dropped 25%. The market had become too flooded. This fall, NBC's asking price for 1-minute of advertising was $53,000 on Monday and Tuesday and $60,000 on Saturday.

Saturdays: Perhaps playing against the competition, this season's Saturday lineup was largely absent of typical Hollywood comedies. Instead, there were more thrills and adventure, and note the release dates; some of the movies were in theaters only a year prior, often British imports. They were becoming more common to use to fill the lineup. Since Saturday didn't having any specials or recurring series, there were 5 movie repeats, all movies that aired during the prior season, so it'd been several months since they last aired. And after stumbling a bit last season, NBC Saturday Night at the Movies was back in the top 30 programs. Despite their overabundance, movies were popular with viewers.

BTP: Keeping The Faith-Based Coverage

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Friday, September 25, 2020

Politics Corner, September 25th


"Lady Freedom" by skpy is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 

I believe I have my ballot. I won't open it until tomorrow. As soon as I open it I expect to fill it out immediately and place it in the drop box at City Hall. I can't imagine anything at the first Presidential Debate on Tuesday changing my mind. Politics Corner will be posting early for all three Presidential Debates and for the Vice Presidential Debate. Will there be ramps? Will Mother be upset when Pence is alone with a woman onstage? Stay tuned.

We're back in Cedarburg
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What's On Tonight (Saturday): Pay rent before saving the universe

Magical Girl Friendship Squad

Hey! Tonight, Syfy's TZGZ block has some new programming, so the Top Pick is the show that leads off the lineup, Magical Girl Friendship Squad. The short-form animated series is a female-driven comedy "about two young women, Alex and Daisy (Quinta Brunson and Anna Akana), who are destined to save the soon as they figure out how to pay their rent." None of the shows look that good, but maybe they'll surprise me. Dallas & Robo did. In the later hours, TZGZ reuses some shows that its previously aired.

Elsewhere, Dr. Jeff is back, Farm Aid goes virtual, Michael B. Jordan goes to court, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner have an experiment go wrong, and Kolchak hunts an alien.

Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to leap tall buildings at a single bound, it's what's on television for tonight, Saturday, September 26!

Jeopardy! recap for Fri., Sept. 25

Introducing today's contestants:

- Alyssa, a media rights assistant, is into "needle felting";
- Julissa, an operations manager, has a "very bad" dog named Nash; and
- Sameer, a writer, has always loved to read. Sameer is a one-day champ with winnings of $22,200.

Ol' Crazy Eyes Out And Other Friday Headlines


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'A Mega-Preview Of Next Week's Debate' [The Press Box Podcast]

Michelle Bachmann, 'Memba Her? She Poked Her Batshit Head Out Of The Gopher Hole [Wonkette]